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A RedPower 2 tree being cut down

The Treecapitator mod allows the player to chop down any tree, along with all of its leaves, simply by removing a bottom wood block with an Axe of any type or a Chainsaw. Some of the leaves will randomly convert into saplings and fall, along with the wood blocks. In addition, Oak trees will randomly drop Apples and Rubber Trees will occasionally drop Sticky Resin.

Detailed Mechanics

Cutting down a tree will degrade the durability of your axe, at the same rate as if you had cut down the tree block by block.

If the durability on the tool you are using expires before the tree is fully removed, the parts of the tree that could not be cut down will be left hanging in the air.

IC2 Rubber Tree being cut down

When cutting a tree down, Treecapitator will look for all the blocks of wood connected above the block that is being destroyed and break them too. This means that if you cut down two trees that have grown right beside each other and their trunks or branches are touching, they will both be cut down.

An Oak Tree being cut down

The same thing can happen if a tree grows next to a house with a wooden frame.

When used to destroy Industrial Craft 2 Rubber Trees, the sticky resin from the side of tree will drop as items.

All of the above will work when in creative (as long as the player is holding an Axe or Chainsaw).