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Creates an infobox to the right side of the article displaying basic information about the item and its functions.


|name =
|image =
|image2 =
|type =
|tool =
|energy =
|voltage =
|durability =
|powerin =
|powerout =
|storage =
|stack =
|data =
|mod = }}


Any and all fields can be left blank. As an explanation for each field:

  • The name field sets the name featured in orange at the top of the infobox. Normally, this defaults to the page name, but in the case of blocks and items that share names, such as the Solar Panel (RedPower) amd Solar Panel (IndustrialCraft), this can be set so as to make the name simply "Solar Panel".
  • The image and image2 fields create the image in the infobox. If left blank, image will default to the image at "File:(Page name).png", while image2 will only appear if set. An example of image2 in use would be on the LV Charging Bench page; image2 is set to an animated version of the block.
  • type is a vague summary of the item. Usually, it consists of the abbreviated mod name and the specific type of item; for example, Industrial Craft 2 tools, such as the Mining Drill, are marked as "IC2 Tool".
  • tool only pertains to machines and blocks that require a certain tool to retrieve. This will display as a small image of the tool in question, so long as a file exists at "File:Grid_(Tool_name).png". For instance, all Industrial Craft 2 machines require a Wrench, so "Wrench (IndustrialCraft)" is set as the tool.
  • The energy field specifies what kind of energy, if any, the item requires or generates. The Geothermal Generator works off EU, while the Combustion Engine works off MJ. Machines powered by basic fuels, such as the Furnace, do not require this field.
  • voltage is an Industrial Craft 2 specific field. It can be set to either "Low (≤32 EU/t)", "Medium (≤128 EU/t)", "High (≤512 EU/t)", or "Extreme (≥512 EU/t)", depending on what the machine or generator allows as a maximum voltage.
  • The durability field only pertains to armor and tools that have a set durability. For tools that can break, this is the maximum number of uses it can take before breaking. For rechargeable items, this is the maximum amount of energy it can hold and/or the estimated amount of uses it can take before needing recharging. The Treetap and Electric Treetap pages provide two examples of how to use the field for both destroyable and rechargeable items. For armor with infinite durability, such as the Solar Helmet, use the ∞ (infinity) sign.
  • powerin refers to the power the machine requires per-tick or per-operation. The Macerator, for instance, requires 2 EU/t. Due to certain circumstances, the power draw may be higher, so this should only refer to the minimum power requirements.
  • powerout, on the other hand, only refers to generators. This should only refer to the optimum power generation rate, if it's variable. For instance, the Wind Mill generates up to 4 EU/t.
  • storage refers to the amount of energy the machine can hold in reserve. Upgrades should not be factored into the maximum internal storage.
  • The stack field refers to if the item is stackable, or if more than one of it can be placed in an item slot of the inventory. Overclocker Upgrades can be stacked, while the Chainsaw cannot.
  • data is the item ID of the block or item. Unlike the Tekkit Classic wiki, you don't need to list the "dec:" part, since that's all that gets used in-game anyway. Simply use the data value you see in NEI.
  • Finally, mod is which mod the item belongs to.



|type = IC2 Machine
|tool = Wrench (IndustrialCraft)
|energy = [[EU]]
|voltage = Low (≤32 EU/t)
|powerin = 2 EU/t
|storage = 800 [[EU]]
|stack = Yes (64)
|data = 250:3
|mod = Industrial Craft 2}}


|type = IC2 Tool
|durability = 17 uses
|stack = No
|data = 30212
|mod = Industrial Craft 2}}