Symbols are the building blocks of ages, and are stored on pages that can be bound with a Book Binder, or placed in a Notebook for storage. When written in a Descriptive Book using the Book Binder, they control the generation of the terrain of the age, as well as speed of celestial bodies and fog levels. Symbols are the current focus of development and more are being added each update.  Blank Pages can be created by placing paper into the Book Binder.

When a player creates a descriptive book with just leather and paper, it contains no Symbols. The player can write custom ages by copying or removing Symbols from a notebook with the Writing Desk to be added to an age, or leave it blank to create a new unstable age in the hopes of finding a shrine holding new Symbols. When a player links using a descriptive book lacking key symbols, some Symbols will be chosen at random and instability added, but will not appear in the book. See Writing for more details.  Symbols can not be written to the blank pages of an age that has been visited.

Players can view and copy Symbols from descriptive books by placing them on the left side of a writing desk. As of 0.8.4 Symbols are now visible in the book itself.  Notebooks can be used to store and organise symbols by using the left side of the writing desk interface, and can be placed neatly by moving the pages to the tab holding the notebook.

Symbols are organized into one or more categories, based on the Symbol's effects. Each category belongs to a type, either Primary or Secondary. Primary Categories require a minimum and maximum number of Symbols, while Secondary Categories may have any number of Symbols.

Symbols in the Fog, Sky, and Sunset categories can be mixed, and multiple copies of the same Symbol will make that color stronger in the mix.

These symbols are outdated.  Until this page has been updated, visit Binarymage's  Symbols page for current symbols.

A Notebook containing all the available symbols can be spawned from Creative Mode with the title "Creative Spawned"

Primary Categories

Please note that the Symbols may look slightly different in future, this should be the last change.


Symbol Image Symbol Image
Beach Mystsym Beach Desert Mystsym Desert
Desert Hills Mystsym DesertHills Extreme Hills Mystsym Extreme Hills
Extreme Hills Edge Mystsym Extreme Hills Edge Forest Mystsym Forest
Forest Hills Mystsym ForestHills Frozen Ocean Mystsym FrozenOcean
Frozen River Mystsym FrozenRiver Hell Mystsym Hell
Ice Mountains Mystsym Ice Mountains Ice Plains Mystsym Ice Plains
Plains Mystsym Plains Jungle Mystsym Jungle
Jungle Hills Mystsym JungleHills Mushroom Island Mystsym MushroomIsland
Mushroom Island Shore Mystsym MushroomIslandShore Ocean Mystsym Ocean
River Mystsym River Taiga Mystsym Taiga
Taiga Hills Mystsym TaigaHills Swamp Land Mystsym Swampland

Biome Controllers

Symbol Image
Checkerboard Biomes Mystsym Biome Controller Checkerboard Biomes
Huge Biomes Mystsym Biome Controller Huge Biomes
Large Biomes Mystsym Biome Controller Large Biomes
Medium Biomes Mystsym Biome Controller Medium Biomes
Single Biome Mystsym Biome Controller Single Biome
Small Biomes Mystsym Biome Controller Small Biomes
Tiny Biomes Mystsym Biome Controller Tiny Biomes

Terrain Generation

Symbol Image
Cave World Mystsym Terrain Generation Cave World
Flat Mystsym Terrain Generation Flat
Standard Terrain Mystsym Terrain Generation Standard Terrain
Void Mystsym Terrain Generation Void


Symbol Image
Eternal Day Mystsym Time Eternal Day
Eternal Dusk Mystsym Time Eternal Dusk
Eternal Night Mystsym Time Eternal Night
Fast Time Mystsym Time Fast Time
Normal Time Mystsym Time Normal Time
Slow Time Mystsym Time Slow Time

Secondary Categories

Please note that the Symbols may look slightly different in future, this should be the last change.

Terrain Features

Symbol Image
Caves Mystsym Terrain Feature Caves
Crystals Mystsym Terrain Feature Crystals
Dungeons Mystsym Terrain Feature Dungeons
Glowstone Crystals Mystsym Terrain Feature GlowStone Crystals
Huge Trees Mystsym Terrain Feature Huge Trees
Lakes Mystsym Terrain Feature Lakes
Lava Lakes Mystsym Terrain Feature Lava Lakes
Mineshafts Mystsym Terrain Feature Mineshafts
Obelisks Mystsym Terrain Feature Obelisks
Ravines Mystsym Terrain Feature Ravines
Star Fissure Mystsym Terrain Feature Star Fissure
Strongholds Mystsym Terrain Feature Strongholds
Villages Mystsym Terrain Feature Villages
Wooden Tendrils Mystsym Terrain Feature Wooden Tendrils


Symbol Image
Bright Mystsym Lighting Bright
Dark Mystsym Lighting Dark
Standard Lighting Mystsym Lighting Standard Lighting


Symbol Image
Eternal Rain Mystsym Wheather Eternal Rain
Eternal Snow Mystsym Wheather Eternal Snow
Eternal Storm Mystsym Wheather Eternal Storm
Eternal Weather Mystsym Wheather Eternal Wheather
Fast Weather Mystsym Wheather Fast Wheather
No Weather Mystsym Wheather No Wheather
Normal Weather Mystsym Wheather Normal Wheather
Overcast Mystsym Wheather Overcast
Slow Weather Mystsym Wheather Slow Wheather


Symbol Image
Black Clouds Mystsym Clouds Black Clouds
Blue Clouds Mystsym Clouds Blue Clouds
Chromatic Clouds Mystsym Clouds Chromatic Clouds
Green Clouds Mystsym Clouds Green Clouds
Red Clouds Mystsym Clouds Red Clouds
White Clouds Mystsym Clouds White Clouds


Symbol Image
Black Fog Mystsym Fog Black Fog
Blue Fog Mystsym Fog Blue Fog
Chromatic Fog Mystsym Fog Chromatic Fog
Green Fog Mystsym Fog Green Fog
Normal Fog Mystsym Fog Normal Fog
Red Fog Mystsym Fog Red Fog
White Fog Mystsym Fog White Fog


Symbol Image
Black Sky Mystsym Sky Black Sky
Blue Sky Mystsym Sky Blue Sky
Chromatic Sky Mystsym Sky Chromatic Sky
Green Sky Mystsym Sky Green Sky
Normal Sky Color Mystsym Sky Normal Sky Color
Red Sky Mystsym Sky Red Sky
White Sky Mystsym Sky White Sky


Symbol Image
Black Sunset Mystsym Sunset Black Sunset
Blue Sunset Mystsym Sunset Blue Sunset
Chromatic Sunset Mystsym Sunset Chromatic Sunset
Green Sunset Mystsym Sunset Green Sunset
Red Sunset Mystsym Sunset Red Sunset
White Sunset Mystsym Sunset White Sunset
Sunset Color

World Modifier

Symbol Image
Accelerated Mystsym World Modifier Accelerated
Charged Mystsym World Modifier Charged
Dense Ores Mystsym World Modifier Dense Ores
Skylands Mystsym World Modifier Skylands
Spontaneous Explosions
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