This article is about Redpower's Solar Panel. For the IndustrialCraft Solar Panel, see Solar Panel (IC2).

Solar Panels are used to produce Blutricity upon receiving direct sunlight and will only work during the day. A solar panel will not work if an opaque block is obstructing it from sunlight. Solar Panels must be connected to RedPower Machines with Blue Alloy Wire.

Blutricity travels through neighboring solar panels, so if one solar panel is adjacent to a Battery Box, other solar panels' power could travel through the initial solar panel to the Battery Box and still generate the same amount of power.


Power Output

Using a Voltmeter, it is possible to read the power output of a Solar Panel. Connecting one Solar Panel to a Battery Box through a Blue Alloy Wire will produce an output of about 2A.


Adjacent Solar Panels do not require wiring together, they will carry current amongst themselves and to other adjacent Blutricity machines.


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