The Screwdriver allows you to change the orientation of placed Logic items and Machines, simply hold the Screwdriver and use it on a block to have it change its orientation. It is part of the RedPower 2 mod.

When used while crouching, it will change the configuration of complex logic devices, such as disabling an input of an AND Gate or OR Gate.

There is a rechargeable version available called the Sonic Screwdriver.

The screwdriver can also be used as a cheap weapon, inflicting 3 hearts (6 hp) of damage at the cost of 8 durability each hit. This means it will take 32 durability to kill most overworld mobs (zombies, skeletons and creepers). However, with the implementation of Balkon's weapon mod, an iron knife that deals 3.5 hearts (7 hp) of damage and only takes 1 durability per hit can be made with the same resources (although, a screwdriver can be used for multiple purposes).


Crafting GUI.png





Shift Click functionality.

Mod Spotlight - Red Power 2 PR!4f-0

Mod Spotlight - Red Power 2 PR!4f-0


  • The RedBus GUI does not seem to open when using either the Sonic Screwdriver or Screwdrivers, like how it used to open on Tekkit Classic.