Not to be confused with IC2 Rubber Trees, the RedPower Rubber Tree is a very large tree only found in jungles.

The wood from the tree (Rubberwood) is unlike normal wood in that, when crafted, it will turn into 8 Sticks and when placed in an Extractor, it will produce 1 Rubber per block.


Rubber trees take an incredibly long time to grow using normal methods (a matter of real world hours), as Bone Meal will not work on them.

You can however use MineFactory Reloaded's Fertilizer Machine, loaded with either Industrial Fertilizer or Fertilizer, which can grow the trees in a matter of seconds.

Be sure to give a sapling enough space to grow, as the tree is huge and has a trunk size of 3x3, when grown. It may be necessary to place a Dimensional Anchor in order to keep the chunk loaded constantly. Player-grown Rubber Trees tend to be slightly smaller than naturally grown ones.

The required space appears to be a height of 25 blocks and a width of 13.

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