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The Redstone Energy Conduit uses properties of Molten Redstone to transmit BuildCraft energy (Minecraft Joules). Conduits will connect to any BuildCraft compatible machine that uses or generates BuildCraft energy. Conduits transfer power at a 95% efficiency rate over any distance (but not if the energy is transferred from one Redstone Energy Cell to another). These are indeed an improvement over conductive pipes, especially over long distances, and it will not explode if the energy has no output.

Wrench Mechanics

When right clicking a conduit that is connected to something it can input to or output from with a Buildcraft Wrench will change the direction of the small red arrow at the connection point. This signifies whether the pipe will input or output energy and is by default set to input.

When you Shift + "Right-Click" a conduit with the Wrench or Crescent Hammer it will dismantle the pipe in order to be picked up as the pipes are very sturdy otherwise.


In order to craft a Redstone Energy Conduit you must first craft an empty Energy Conduit and then fill it with Molten Redstone via the Liquid Transposer.


Energy Conduit

Crafting GUI.png

Electrum Ingot

Hardened Glass

Electrum Ingot

Energy Conduit


400px-Liquid Transposer-1-

Need 50 mB of Molten Redstone to fill one Energy Conduit

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