The Recycler is an Industrial Craft 2 machine that has a chance of producing Scrap per-item it consumes. Scrap can either be used as Generator fuel, as a supplement to producing UU-Matter in a Mass Fabricator, or crafted into a Scrap Box, which produces random items when used.

The Recycler is a Low Voltage machine and can only accept 32 EU/t. If one wishes to connect the Recycler to the MFE, MFSU, or any of the Medium and High Voltage generators, a Transformer Upgrade is required. Without Overclocker Upgrades, the Recycler takes 45 EU to process one item.

Some items will simply never produce Scrap. Sticks, Snowballs, Glass Panes, and Scaffold are all items that will never produce Scrap, no matter how many are placed in the Recycler. Though it will use up the durability on a Handsaw, Micro Blocks can be used to obtain more Scrap per-block.

Like most of Industrial Craft 2's machines, four upgrade slots are available on the right side of the GUI. The Overclocker Upgrade can speed up the Recycler's operation at the cost of drawing more power, the Transformer Upgrade allows the use of Medium and High Voltage energy sources, such as the MFE, the Medium Voltage Solar Array, or the Energy Crystal, and the Energy Storage Upgrade allows the Recycler to buffer more EU in its internal memory storage, allowing it to run longer without being powered.


Crafting GUI.png


Refined Iron

Glowstone Dust




Refined Iron


Raw Materials
3 File:Grid Copper Ingot.png Copper
3 Grid Dirt Dirt
1 Grid Glowstone Dust Glowstone Dust
2 Grid Redstone Redstone
11 Grid Refined Iron Refined Iron
6 Grid Rubber Rubber
6 Grid Stone Stone

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