Reactor Chamber

The Reactor Chamber has 2 uses. It can be used to craft a Nuclear Reactor, or it can be attached to a Nuclear Reactor to increase the available slots and to expand the Reactor's maximum heat tolerance (before exploding). Doing so will increase the available space in the Reactor by 1 column and increase the reactor's maximum heat tolerance by 1000. Reactor Chambers can only be placed next to a Nuclear Reactor. Up to 6 Reactor Chambers can be attached to a Nuclear Reactor, adding a column, as well as increasing space available by 36 tiles in total. Reactor Chambers provide additional cooling for the reactor they are attached to, -2 heat/tick. Also Heat Vents,  Heat Exchanger  and Coolant Cells can placed in conjunction to spread out heat from Uranium Cells inside the reactor. There are five mainly used setups. These are called Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, and Mark V, Mark I being the safest to Mark V being the most dangerous but most efficient setup.



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