The Programmable Filter is a key block used in the configuration of an Industrial Tesla Coil setup.

The Programmable Filter takes Tokens (e.g. Mob Detector Token, Player Detector Token, and others) and uses them to configure the function or targeting of the Industrial Telsa Coil.

Programmable Filters, like Upgrade Multiplexers have 5 input sides (where other Filters can beam into) and 1 output side.

Crafting GUI.png

Refined Iron


Electronic Circuit

Redstone Torch

Machine Block


Refined Iron


Electronic Circuit

Programmable Filter


Complex Logic

As the GUI of the Programmable Filter would suggest, you can perform complex logic with each filter to do advanced things like only target players with Ender Pearls in their inventory, target only Creepers, or target all living things.

Programmable Filters can be further chained together (like Upgrade Multiplexer) to provide extremely configurable or complex configurations.

All inputs and tokens are passed from left to right.

Use of Intersection Tokens, Difference Tokens and Union Tokens can increase the complexity of a configuration.


There are a number of tokens crafted from the Blank Token that can be used as inputs to the Programmable Filter. In addition, the following items also work as tokens with the given effects.

Item Effect
Redstone Dust File:Grid Redstone Dust.png Same as Redstone Input Token
Cobblestone Grid Cobblestone Same as Item Detector Token
Gunpowder Grid Gunpowder Targets all creepers
Egg Grid Egg Targets all chickens
Raw Beef Grid Raw Beef Targets all cows
Raw Pork Grid Raw Porkchop Targets all pigs
Wool Grid Wool Targets all sheep
Water Bucket Grid Water Bucket Targets all squid
Ender Pearl Grid Ender Pearl Targets all endermen
Bone Grid Bone Targets all wolves
Gold Nugget Grid Gold Nugget Targets all zombie pigmen
Blaze Rod Grid Blaze Rod Targets all blazes
Rotten Flesh Grid Rotten Flesh Targets all zombies (including zombie pigmen)
Ghast Tear Grid Ghast Tear Targets all ghasts
Magma Cream Grid Magma Cream Targets all magma cubes
Bow Grid Bow Targets all skeletons
Slimeball Grid Slimeball Targets all slimes
Snowball Grid Snowball Targets all snowmen
Iron Ingot Grid Iron Targets all iron golems
Arrow Grid Arrow Targets all flying arrows


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Immibis' post about Advanced Repulsion Systems v1.112

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