The Powered Furnace is a type of furnace that uses BuildCraft energy (Minecraft Joules) to smelt or cook things. Additionally, certain items such as food can be cooked for much less energy than in a traditional furnace.

Power Requirements

Input Output MJ Cost
Cactus Cactus Green 80
Raw Porkchop Cooked Porkchop 40
Raw Fish Cooked Fish 40
Raw Beef Steak 40
Raw Chicken Cooked Chicken 40
Potato Baked Potato 40
Anything Else Same as Regular Furnace 160


The speed can be calculated with the MJ/t(In the Powered Furnace GUI) and the consumption for operation. The MJ/t varies with the energy storage in the Powered Furnace

Higher Enegy Stored Lower Energy Stored MJ/t
2400 MJ 1920 MJ 2.0 MJ/t
1920 MJ 1825 MJ 1.9 MJ/t
1825 MJ 1730 MJ 1.8 MJ/t
1730 MJ 1630 MJ 1.7 MJ/t
1630 MJ 1535 MJ 1.6 MJ/t
1535 MJ 1440 MJ 1.5 MJ/t
1440 MJ 1340 MJ 1.4 MJ/t
1340 MJ 1245 MJ 1.3 MJ/t
1240 MJ 1150 MJ 1.2 MJ/t
1150 MJ 1055 MJ 1.1 MJ/t
1055 MJ 960 MJ 1.0 MJ/t
960 MJ 865 MJ 0.9 MJ/t
865 MJ 765 MJ 0.8 MJ/t
765 MJ 670 MJ 0.7 MJ/t
670 MJ 575 MJ 0.6 MJ/t
575 MJ 0 MJ 0.5 MJ/t

(approximate values) At maximum energy storage and trying smelt a "iron ore" block, you need

(160MJ)/(2.0MJ/tick) = 80 ticks Each second have 20 ticks

(80ticks)/(20ticks/second)= 4 Seconds




GUI of the Powered Furnace.


Tabs & Controls


Energy Tab of the Powered Furnace


Redstone Tab of the Powered Furnace


Configuration Tab of the Powered Furnace

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