The Pocket Crafting Table is an item that is used to display a mobile 3x3 crafting grid. It uses the rightmost 3 columns in the inventory, and the output slot juts out from the side.


Crafting GUI.png


Crafting Table

Pocket Crafting Table


To use the Pocket Crafting Table, simply press "C" while it is in your inventory, or right-click while holding it in hand. It is recomended to do this while the item is in the hotbar, to separate it from the crafting grid it creates.

The grey-ed out slots function the same way as a crafting grid in a Crafting Table , with the resulting item being shown on the right of your inventory (see diagram below).

There are three keys that help players move items around the crafting bench:

  • X: Removes all items from the crafting area
  • C: Rotates items around the crafting area clockwise
  • B: Evenly distributes items of the same type within crafting area
Pocket CT Usage

An example usage of the Pocket Crafting Table.