The Plasma Cannon is a weapon attachable to the Power Tool to provide a ranged weapon alternative to the Railgun. Similar to its counterpart, the Plasma Cannon's damage varies based on charge when installed in the Power Armor Tinker Table.

When right-clicked, the cannon fires a blue charged sphere of energy outward in the direction the player's crosshair is aimed, which deals direct damage to an entity and explodes on impact.

Holding down the right mouse charges the weapon, maintaining the energy sphere in the power tool until the mouse is released. Charging causes the projectile to consume more energy but does more damage and leaves a larger crater from the blast.


The Plasma Cannon is created by having two Force Field Emitters and two HV Capacitors in the player's inventory along with the Power Tool. Entering the Tinker Table allows the Plasma Cannon to be installed and configured from the "Weapon" category. When configuring you can change the amperage (which is the damage done) and the voltage (size of explosion).


  • The bolt fired appears to despawn if fired too far into the distance.
  • A fully-charged explosion appears to match that of a Ghast's fireball (half a creeper explosion).
  • Even the regular shots are loud. If you have a subwoofer, you might want to turn it down. Firing off several rapid-fire shots inside a small cavern can be deafening.
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