A Mixer is a machine added by Factorization primarily to increase the yield of metals from ores and acquire Sludge. It processes Dirty Gravel into Clean Chunks, using water buckets (but unfortunately not cells, bottles, or directly piped water) and producing Sludge as a by-product.

Warning: As of the latest version of Tekkit Lite (0.6.5), letting the four output slots of a mixer fill up will result in a server crash when the mixer next tries to place products into the output slots. The mixer will not usually stack new output products on top of existing ones so ensure you either pipe away or manually remove products from the output slots before the next input is processed

Tip: Many of the recipes processed in the mixer can now processed in a normal crafting box removing the risk of server crash.


Crafting GUI.png

Water Bucket

Lead Ingot




Water Bucket

Lead Ingot



Dirty Copper Gravel + Water Bucket -> Clean Copper Chunks + Bucket + Sludge

Dirty Galena Gravel + Water Bucket -> Clean Galena Chunks + Bucket + Sludge

Dirty Gold Gravel + Water Bucket -> Clean Gold Chunks + Bucket + Sludge

Dirty Iron Gravel + Water Bucket -> Clean Iron Chunks + Bucket + Sludge

Dirty Tin Gravel + Water Bucket -> Clean Tin Chunks + Bucket + Sludge


Pipes/Pneumatic Tubes

  • Top: Input
  • Sides/Bottom: Output

Item Router

  • Slot 4: Clean Chunks
  • Slot 5: Empty Buckets
  • Slot 6: Sludge


What I have found, is that when you put three full water buckets, with an addition of a type of dirty metal gravel into there, a bug will occur, where your GUI will not show up for blocks, but you can still interact with other parts of the enviorment (Break, place, walk, and look around without problems), and open your inventory GUI.

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