The Mining Laser is an item added by Industrial Craft 2. It is very similar to the Mining Drill and has the same purpose, but is far more powerful. Because it can be used as a weapon for griefing, it is often banned on SMP servers.

To change the firing mode, hold down M and right click. The different modes include:

  • Mining
  • Low Focus
  • Long Range
  • Scatter
  • Explosive
  • Horizontal
  • Super Heat

The speed of the Laser's beam is faster than the speed of a player falling (i.e if a player were to fire the Laser while falling, the beam would hit the ground faster than the player). However, lag may cause the player to move faster than the beam and contact it, which is often fatal while using Explosive mode.

The Mining Laser does not drop every block it breaks. About 10% of blocks broken by it will not drop and will be lost. However, Zombie Pigmen do not become aggressive when mining nether ores with the laser, nor will the ores blow up, meaning the amount of nether ores gathered is actually similar to other methods, as well as being much safer. Do note that using the Super Heat mode on Nether Ores will turn them into regular ores, splitting your profit in half if you were planning to macerate the ores. 


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Advanced Alloy

Energy Crystal

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

Energy Crystal

Advanced Circuit

Advanced Alloy

Mining Laser

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