File:Minecraft Raw Tutorial - Fluid Transposer
A machine which uses BuildCraft energy (Minecraft Joules) to empty or fill liquid containers. Pressing the "bucket" button will change the mode from Fill to Extract. Not all liquid containers support reversible operation.

In order to fill this machine you can either put a Magma Crucible or Aqueous Accumulator next to it or connect liquid via a Waterproof PipeLiquiduct, or Liquid Tesseract.

Energy Costs

Input Liquid Output Quantity MJ Cost
Bucket Water Water Bucket 1000mB 80
Bucket Lava Lava Bucket 1000mB 80
Energy Cell Frame (Empty) Molten Redstone

Energy Cell Frame (Full)

1000mB 1600
Other Container Other Liquid Other Output Other Quantity 160


Crafting GUI.png




Machine Frame

Redstone Reception Coil



Liquid Transposer



Fill GUI of the Liquid Transposer


Extract GUI of the Liquid Transposer

Tabs & Controls


Power Tab of the Liquid Transposer


Power Tab of the Liquid Transposer


Configuration Tab of the Liquid Transposer

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