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The Linking Book is an important item from the Mystcraft mod. It allows to travel between different Ages, including the Overworld, Nether, and Dimensional Door pockets.

Note: Linking Books do not create ages, only allow to travel to other preexisting ages. For information on creating ages, see Descriptive Book.


Linking Books are special books that will allow players to travel to the exact place the Linking Book was created, and therefore cannot stack. To create one, simply place a Book in the crafting window. Linking Books do not work from the same Age (Dimension) the player is in, meaning that players cannot use a Linking Book to the Overworld if they are in the Overworld.


Crafting GUI.png


Linking Panel

Unlinked Linking Book

1 Leather + 1 Linking Panel = 1 Unlinked Linking Book

Right click with the Unlinked Linking Book to link it to your current spot and create a Linked Linking Book.


If you right-click while holding a Linking Book, a book-like GUI will come up with a rectangular view port. Clicking the big rectangle will cause you to travel to the location the book was originally created, leaving it on the ground where you used it. While on a stand, clicking the book icon in the GUI will allow you to place it in your inventory. While on the ground or a stand, clicking the book icon in the GUI will allow you to place it in your inventory. While on the ground, the linking book can be damaged and ruined by water, such as rain. Linking Books can also be placed on Bookstands or Lecterns so they won't easily take damage or despawn, but may still take damage from certain kinds of unstable age.  If Crystal is available, a Book Receptacle can be used to make an Age portal similar to Nether portals.


  • It is very important to always bring a Linking Book created in the Overworld, otherwise you could be trapped in an age forever. If you become trapped in an age, the simplest way to return to the Overworld is to find a Star Fissure, since falling through one will return you to the Overworld. If no Star Fissures exist in the Age you're in, you will need to travel to another age - to do so you will need a new Descriptive Book, unless you have one with the Star Fissure rune in it. Nether Portals will not light in Mystcraft Ages, so that method will not work. You may elect to cheat by spawning in a portal block, however. It is possible on many servers to use the /spawn command to get to the overworld.
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