A Link Modifier is a table block in which to place a Mystcraft Linking Book or a Descriptive Book. You can then modify 5 book properties and/or rename the book before or after they have been written. It also displays the Age's number. For Linking Books: 0 for Overworld -1 for Nether 1 for End.


The Link Modifier is no longer craftable and can only be obtained by spawning it in.


Below modes can be mixed to create for example a Following and Intra Linking book.

The five modes available are:

  1. Intra Linking
  2. Disarm
  3. Generate Platform
  4. Following
  5. Maintain Momentum

1. Intra Linking:

Allows links to work within the same dimension. (Sometimes called: Intra-Age Linking)

2. Disarm:

Causes any inventories that attempt to link through to spill across the ground instead of traveling through. Disarm portals will only allow players, mobs, and minecarts through. Handle with care.

3. Generate Platform:

Is used in ages if you would normally spawn in mid-air and fall any distance from where you link in. However, placing a book in a portal temporarily removes that ability, so do not generate ages by walking through portals.

4. Following:

Makes the book stay in your inventory when you link.

5. Maintain Momentum:

Is used if you want things to maintain their momentum when traveling without Portals. Crystal Portals override this setting and will always maintain momentum.

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