The Item Detection Filter is part of the IC2 Advanced Repulsion Systems mod and is for use in conjunction with the Industrial Tesla Coil


The Item Detection Filter needs to be aimed at either a Programmable Filter or Industrial Tesla Coil in order to be of any use. 

Placing an item in its inventory will cause it to reconfigure an Industrial Tesla Coil to target any player or mob with the specified item in their inventory. 

Aiming it into a Programmable Filter with a Difference Token in the right-most slot will cause the opposite effect - the Tesla Coil will look for and target anyone who does NOT have the item in their inventory.

This is useful for creating setups that automatically kill enemy players if they get to close to your secret project or base.

Items contained inside the Item Detection Filter will vanish if the chunk is unloaded. This can be avoided by placing the IDF inside the effect of a Chunk Loader. On single player, the item will vanish if the game is closed.



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