Industrial Tesla Coil

The Industrial Tesla Coil is distinct from the normal Tesla Coil and offers significant advancements in customizable and expandable defense systems. NOTE: Mobs killed by the Industrial Tesla Coil do not drop Experience.

The Industrial Tesla Coil is part of the IC2 Advanced Repulsion Systems mod and is able to interact with other machines in the ARS mod (namely, Forcefields).


The Industrial Tesla Coil has a range of 10 blocks.  It will target and kill anything currently in that range when plugged in to an EU power source.  Be careful if you are inside targeting range, as it will target you, and destroy your dropped items.  A Programmable Filter is highly recommended.

According to Immibis' post:

The amount of damage done with each shot is proportional to the square root of the energy used in the shot. 5000 EU will do 15 hearts of damage. At the default speed, you should need 112 EU/t to kill one unarmoured player every second. This also means that faster speeds are more efficient.

By default, the tesla coil fires one shot every 20 ticks. It will not fire if it has less than 500 EU stored.

When attacking a dropped item, no more than 384 EU and 3 ticks will be used per shot - the damage will be scaled accordingly, but dropped items take very little damage to destroy.


The Industrial Tesla Coil can handle any amount of EU voltage (Ultra-LV, LV, MV, HV and EV) from any emitting source (e.g. Glass Fibre Cable, HV Pneumatic Generator, MFSU, BatBox )


The IC2 Advanced Repulsion Systems mod adds the following machines, items, and devices.


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