The Energy Tesseract is a block added by the Thermal Expansion mod in Tekkit Lite.

An Energy Tesseract is similar to a Phased Conductive Pipe in that it can move energy from one place to another - even across dimensions.

The Energy Tesseract is used to transport MJ over long distances or between dimensions with a 25% energy loss and can accept and receive up to 100 MJ/t.

Energy Tesseracts can interact directly with Thermal Expansion machines or other adjacent Buildcraft Powered devices as well as Redstone Energy Conduits and Buildcraft's Conductive Pipes.

The Energy Tesseract can receive power directly from an engine or via Redstone Energy Conduits or BuildCraft Pipes. Power can be extracted from it by the same methods.


For a comparison of remote transport options, check out the video below or see the Phased Conductive Pipe page.



Tekkit Lite - Tutorial - Remotely Transport Items, Liquids, and Power

Tekkit Lite - Tutorial - Remotely Transport Items, Liquids, and Power

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