Tekkit Lite Wiki

The EU/tick and also shortened to EU/t is the measure of the Energy Units per Tick.

How it Works

· Input

There's no machine that can get an infinite amount of EU/tick. Even the MFSU can only receive 2048 EU/tick in each of the 5 faces (a total of 10240 EU/tick without count the loss of energy of the wires). If the machine gets a higher EU/tick that it can receive, it will explode, causing the loss of the energy within, the loss of the machine and a explosion of the nearby blocks.

· Output

Normally, machines will give you an exact amount of EU/tick. For example, the BatBox can only output 32 EU/tick. If the Energy Storage Machine is next to a receiver, like an Energy Storage Machine (MFSU, MFE, BatBox) or a Energy Receiver Machine (Generator, Electric Furnace, Macerator, etc...), they will receive all the 32 EU/tick.

· Loss of EU/tick

If the output of a machine isn't next to the receiver, then a wire will be used to join them. Not all the wires can transport all the amount of EU/tick, but all have a loss of EU/tick based on how many wires are needed.

Table of Wires and their "Loss/Block"
Wire Maximum EU/tick EU Loss / Block 1 EU Loss / Blocks
Ultra-Low-Current Cable 5 0.025 1 EU per 40 Blocks
Uninsulated Copper Cable 32 ~0.33 1 EU per 3.33 Blocks
Copper Cable 32 0.20 1 EU per 5 Blocks
Uninsulated Gold Cable 128 0.50 1 EU per 2 Blocks
Gold Cable 128 0.45 1 EU per 2.22 Blocks
2x Ins. Gold Cable 128 0.40 1 EU per 2.5 Blocks
Glass Fibre Cable 512 0.025 1 EU per 40 Blocks
HV Cable 2048 0.95 1 EU per 1.05 Blocks
Insulated HV Cable 2048 0.90 1 EU per 1.1 Blocks
2xIns. HV Cable 2048 0.85 1 EU per 1.17 Blocks
4xIns. HV Cable 2048 0.80 1 EU per 1.25 Blocks

How to Measure

The amount of EU/tick can be measured with an EU-Reader or with a Energy Sensor Kit.

In both cases, you just have to right click in the cable/machine and you will receive a chat message, in the case of EU-Reader, or you will receive Energy Sensor Location Card, in the case of the Energy Sensor Kit. To use the Energy Sensor Location Card, just put it in an Industrial Information Panel and give redstone power to it.