The Dimensional Anchor is the sole block added by Dimensional Anchors. It keeps a configurable number of chunks loaded, even if no players are in the area. It is analogous to the Chunk Loader and the Teleport Tether in this regard.

Dimensional Anchor GUI

The GUI of the Dimensional Anchor

The Dimensional Anchor's GUI can be used to set the number of chunks loaded and the shape of the ones kept loaded. The square shape loads chunks in equal dimensions (1x1, 3x3, 5x5, 7x7, or 9x9), the "X line" shape loads chunks in a line on the X axis of the world (east and west), and the "Z line" shape loads chunks in a line on the Z axis of the world (north and south).

The GUI can also be used to set the owner of the Dimensional Anchor. The owner is the only player who can change the dimensions of the region loaded by the Dimensional Anchor. If the owner is set to the server, anyone can change the dimensions of the region.

Region Dimensions Reference

The table below demonstrates the amount of chunks loaded per-shape and per-area:

Shape Area Chunks loaded
Square None 1
Square 3x3 9
Square 5x5 25
Square 7x7 49
Square 9x9 81
X line None 1
X line 3x1 3
X line 5x1 5
X line 7x1 7
X line 9x1 9
Z line None 1
Z line 1x3 3
Z line 1x5 5
Z line 1x7 7
Z line 1x9 9


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Iron Block



Dimensional Anchor

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