The Bookstand is used to hold a Linking Book or a Descriptive Book, so that the player can travel between Ages without dropping the books. When right-clicked with a book in hand, the book will be placed on the stand with the name shown above it. If right-clicked when already holding a book, it will open a GUI identical to that of the book. Right-click the stand (not the book) to open its inventory and remove, place, or swap books. Sneak Right-click to quickly remove the current book from the stand.

Bookstand with book

It is recommended that players keep their books on stands rather than on the ground, as they will degrade over time when on the ground, doing so faster in rain, water, or when being damaged in other ways such as fire. 


Crafting GUI.png


Wooden Planks




  • Many people find that the item's name is "Unnamed", however the item functions normally. The only practical issue resulting from this is the inability to search for it in NEI.
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