Blutricity is the RedPower 2 equivalent to real-world electricity and is measured in 'amps' and 'volts'.

The RedPower 2 Machines predominantly use Blutricity to operate.

Blutricity is transfered with blue alloy wires.

Generators of Blutricity

Machines That Use Blutricity

Inside RedPower Machines

In most RedPower machines there are two bars;

Internal Storage

This is represented by a battery icon. This is an indicator of the internal storage of that machine. The internal storage bar must be above the red level before it will power the machine.

Power Consumption

This is represented by a lightning bolt icon. This indicates the power consumption of the machine. A full bar will mean the machine operates fastest, an empty bar means it doesn't do anything.

Power Conversion

Blutricity can be converted into BuildCraft power ((Minecraft Joules or MJ)) by feeding it into a Blulectric Engine.


File:Block Spotlight - Blulectric Power-0

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