A Blunderbuss can be used to deal with an entire squad of zombies!

Reloads like the Musket, but quicker. Uses Blunderbuss Shots as ammunition.

When fired, it shoots 10 small projectiles with a wide spread.

Shooting a mob from nearby deals much more damage.

Damage Values

A full blast in close range is enough to kill an enderman in one shot, meaning it does over 40 Damage (20 Hearts), but the enderman will teleport away since endermen are immune to all projectiles (aka far ranged weapons)


Uses a Musket Stock and a Blunderbuss Barrel to craft the Blunderbuss.

Crafting GUI.png

Blunderbuss Barrel

Musket Stock



You will need Ammunition to fire the Blunderbuss.

It's created with Gravel, Gunpowder and Paper.

Blunderbuss Shot

Crafting GUI.png




Blunderbuss Shot


Similar Weapons

Musket works like the Blunderbuss, but uses different Ammunition, and it can be upgraded to a Musket with Bayonet.

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