This article is about Redpower's Block Breaker. For the MineFactory Reloaded Block Breaker, see Block Breaker (MFR).

The Block Breaker is a machine used to break blocks. This can be used to make farms that automate processes.


On receiving a Redstone signal, the Block Breaker will break the block in front of it and flush it out the back. It can put the harvested item into an attached Pneumatic Tube or directly into chests.


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Iron Pickaxe






Block Breaker


The block breaker can be used to automatically supplement the player breaking a block; it can turn melons to melon slices, stone into cobblestone etc. The block breaker is especially useful in collecting pumpkins and melons, and these can be piped out through pneumatic tubes or placed straight into chests


  • Despite using an iron pickaxe in the recipe, Block Breaker will break Obsidian and will do so much faster than any normal pickaxe
  • A Screwdriver or Pneumatic Tubeseconds will set off the block breaker right as cobble is generated.
  • Using a block breaker on Ice, Glass, Monster Spawner, or Construction Foam will Not produce anything.
  • Using RedPower2 Wiring such as Red-Alloy Wire will reduce lag from using conventional "vanilla" redstone wire. Especially in Servers.
  • Block Breakers can be used to make an automated Cobblestone Generator. A good way with this is to have the Cobblestone Generator, then a timer at 1.5 seconds to activite the Block Breaker. Then a Pneumatic Tube could feed the cobblestone into a Recycler so the cobblestone will be turned into Scrap, then into Scrap Boxes, so infinite diamonds. (If you're lucky. Just keep trying.)
  • A better way would be to use an automated Cobblestone Generator (Look above), then use a Pneumatic Tube to pump the cobblestone into a Recycler, then pump the scrap into a Mass Fabricator. As long as the Mass Fabricator is powered, it can quickly generate UU-Matter. Then, craft some gold ore, macerate it, then use a Minium Stone to do the final conversion into a diamond. It's not exactly the best setup, but it works.

Bugs & Errors

  • Block breakers will stop working at the altitude of y = 200 and up.

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