The Barrel is used to store large amounts of a single item. It occupies one space, which makes it more efficient than both a single chest and double chest. The Barrel holds a total of 64 stacks, or 4,096 individual items, when full. 


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Oak Wood

Oak Wood

Oak Wood

Oak Wood Slab

Oak Wood

Oak Wood

Oak Wood

Oak Wood



  • File:Barrel Full.png
    Right Click to add up to a full stack (whatever is held in hand)
  • Left Click to remove up to a full stack (if available in the barrel)
  • Shift+Left Click to remove a single item
  • Double right-click to add all stacks of that item at once from your inventory
  • In Creative Mode - If you left click you will destroy the barrel

Up to 64 stacks of the selected item can be stored inside the Barrel.  To add more space to the Barrel, simply shift/right click the Barrel with an Extra-Dimensional Storage item. The barrel will go from 64x64 (4096) items to 1024x64 (65536) items

Pneumatic Tubes

Barrels can be used in conjunction with Buildcraft Pipes and RedPower's Pneumatic Tubes.  To place items into a barrel, the tubes must go into the top of the barrel.  To pull them out, the tube must be attached to the bottom.  Only items of the same type as already in the barrel will go in.

Tubes going into the bottom will fill the barrel but will not exceed a single stack.  Once there is a single stack it is considered full and the items will be routed else where. 

The Item Face

The side with the item on it is the side closest to you when you put it down (e.g. if you are looking north the item face will appear on the south side)


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